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Enthusiasm + Energy =Progress

I have to admit, it’s not often one has a college class in an Olive Garden. However, that’s where we met last night at a restaurant near the college to present our final papers.  Obviously I won’t be certain of my grades for a couple of weeks, but at least the presentation went well and our professor is planning on submitting our papers for both publication in a scholarly magazine as well as having us present at a local symposium. We’ll see if the second comes about.

Now back on the writing trail. I have two short stories, a novella, and a novel due sooner than later. So, while I was editing one of the projects, I got started on my second short story this afternoon, when an idea hit me how I wanted to open the story.  2700 words later, I think I may be onto something.

Tomorrow, I am going to be editing the other short story and then trying to finish it up so I can kick it off to my editor.  Then it’ll be time to really hammer on the two big projects that are coming due. I’ll be dedicating this weekend to working on those two projects as well as taking hard copy into work to edit and then making the revisions during the week as we go.

All of the projects are well on their way to being finished. This semester just took time and, more importantly, energy away from me. Now, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I really do not want to go to bed because I’m primed and ready to write. Unfortunately, the day job sorta would like me to show up on occasion, so no writing until 4am during the week, at least.

Still, it feels good to want to write again.



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