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The end is in sight . . .

I finished my final project for college tonight. All I have to do now is do a presentation in Advanced Composition tomorrow and this semester is over.

So, to celebrate, I dragged out one of my writing projects and began editing and adding some new scenes. It turned into a very nice evening spent writing, listening to Old Time Radio (mainly Rocky Jordan and Speed Gibson), and sipping on a nice dollop of Auchentoshan Select Single Malt. Almost 1000 new words on the document tonight and I’m making some big plans for a writing weekend (well, when I’m not listening to the Chiefs/Raiders game on Sunday).

As much as I’m enjoying my Master’s program, it’s good to be back working on my own writing projects. Going to be a very busy December/January for me.

Next semester, I’m taking a seminar in African literature and beginning the research portion of my thesis. When not working on those, I’ll be finishing up a few other projects I’m either committed to, or hope will be accepted, and doing my best to clear my slate for Fall 2014, when the only class I will have is Thesis II, which means lots of writing and rewriting to get the thesis ready to go to committee and then to defense.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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