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Twin Presentations

writerbewareimage37Tonight was a bit busy. I had a presentation to do for my British Literature Class at Bowie State University at 5 and then my presentation for the Maryland Writers Association at 7.  Let’s just say, they’re not that close together. *grin*

Luckily, my talk went well for the college class. I had to do a synopsis presentation about my final paper. I’m doing a deep reading and analysis of The Jew of Malta, which was an interesting story. Technically an Elizabethan tragedy, but Marlowe can’t seem to help himself about throwing comedic riffs into the story.

My professor excused me right after my presentation, so I had to jump into the car and drive from the DC suburbs to the north side of Baltimore in rush hour traffic. I managed to arrive with about fifteen minutes to spare and quickly got set up and ready to present.

It was a fantastic time. I did a presentation to the MWA on behalf of Writer Beware about how to choose an agent or a publisher who’d be right for you as well as the joys and pitfalls for self-publishing (using my experiences as a self-publisher in the 90s with comics as an example of how not to do it. *sigh*).

There was a very enthusiastic crowd with a lot of good questions. However, some of the questions were outside my scope, so they’re going to look into scheduling a copyright attorney to speak to them sometime in the spring. I will definitely be attending that talk.

Always fun to talk to people about how to protect themselves when it comes to publishing.

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