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Interview for The Eerie Digest

I was recently interviewed by The Eerie Digest. I’ve done a few interviews before but mostly  for podcasts (The Sci-Fi Diner and Pulped come to mind), which means there’s a lot of banter back and forth and things can wander as both the interviewer and the subject think of new directions to take a question.

This one was a little different.  Joe O’Donnell gave me a list of questions that he wanted me to respond to and after a quick glance, there was no denying he had done his homework.  He started off asking questions going all the way back to my days in journalism and working at the college radio station at CMSU . . . hell, it’s not even called CMSU any more, it’s the University of Central Missouri nowdays.

He asked about my days in small press comics, self-publishing,  and so on, all the way through my current writing for StarWarp Concepts, Musa Publishing, and Pro Se Productions. It was probably the easiest interview I’ve ever done.

(Well, duh, Rich, you were talking about yourself. Shush, you.)

I’m sure I waxed nostalgically and in way more detail than he needed, so I don’t envy him his editing task. Never the less, he assures me  they’ll be appearing in the November 11th issue of The Eerie Digest.

However, don’t wait until then. Go check it out!

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