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Change of schedule (unfortunately)

Well, unfortunately, I will not be attending NYCC this year, thanks to the government furlough. Being a government contractor, I decided it wasn’t a prudent move to spend money for the trip, food, and goodies given the fact we’re not sure how long this is going to last.

However, Steve Roman, the guru behind StarWarp Concepts will be selling copies of Troubleshooters Incorporated at the show along with other fine products from his company and he’ll be promoting the e-version of Chronicles of the Sea Dragon.

Both are also available from the StarWarp web site as well as other fine purveyors of reading material.

So, sorry I won’t be seeing you all there, but we’ve definitely got NYCC penciled in for next year.

Besides, I may be doing my English comprehensives that weekend anyway for my Master’s Degree at Bowie State University. Just got the notice that they’re going to be on the 12th of October. I’m waiting to hear back from the department whether the waiver was approved for me to take them or if I’m going to have to wait until next semester. The good thing about finding out at the last minute is I won’t have time to get nervous about taking them. *grin*

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