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Baltimore Book Festival, Day 2

Home from Day 2 of the Baltimore Book Festival. No panels today, but I did have a good time at my signing. Met some really nice people (both fans and other authors) and sold some books. Always a nice benefit *grin*

Apparently, someone who attended the Writer Beware workshop I did at the Bookfest decided to do some investigating. He went to a certain publisher in Maryland‘s web site and submitted a story he’d written back in 10th grade just to see what would happen. He submitted it at 9PM last night. At 4AM, he got a reply accepting him for publication.

Think about that for a moment. A publisher just happened to notice a manuscript coming over the e-transom at 9PM on a Friday night. And said publisher had time to read said manuscript ALL night on a Friday night, come to a conclusion and make an offer to publish this manuscript by 4AM on a Saturday morning.

OK, I guess it is possible. Just more than highly unlikely.  This is a manuscript the person tells me was done for a school project, he didn’t flesh it out, he didn’t revise it, he didn’t do anything more than pull a document off of his computer and shipped it to this publisher. And in less than 7 hours in the middle of the night on a weekend, they decided to make him an offer.

Who do they think they’re going to sell this to . . . other than the author?

Folks, if this isn’t a sign that this publisher is only interested in what’s in your wallet versus what’s in your manuscript, I don’t know how much clearer we can make it.

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