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New Works, New Conventions

First off, let’s start off with the new stuff that’s come out recently.

Troubleshooters, Incorporated - Night StalkingsChronicles of the Sea Dragon (e-version)

Troubleshooters Incorporated was released this past August and Chronicles of the Sea Dragon was released on 19 Sept 2013. Both of these projects come from StarWarp Concepts and can be ordered directly from the publisher.

Additionally, Chronicles is available at Drive-Thru Comics and soon through other purveyors of e-comics. Troubleshooters can be ordered through your on-line vendor of choice, (Amazon, B&N, etc.). Also, I just received word that Troubleshooters will be available for order through Diamond Comics in their November catalog.


This weekend is the Baltimore Book Festival, which is the most unusual convention I do all year. Baltimore blocks off a number of streets near the Walters Art Museum and sets up tents for various vendors and groups to use. This is the second year I’ve supported the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America with their pavilion and we had larger than I anticipated crowds for a work day.

I participated in two panels today. The first panel I did was Shared Worlds and Media Tie-ins at 2PM with Chuck Gannon and Rich Groller.  It was a fairly lively panel and we had a lot of good questions from the audience.

After that, at 6pm, I did the Writer Beware workshop. For the most part, I was a solo act, but after a while, Christine Norris joined me at the podium, which I really appreciated. We tried to educate the audience about pitfalls that can derail a new authors (and sometimes a not-new author’s) career, what to look for in an agent or a publisher, some of the red flags that would suggest that some agents/publishers/editors/etc. might not be the one for you, and so on. There were a lot of good questions from the audience and a lot of people taking notes. Hopefully, the crowd enjoyed themselves as much as I did talking to them.

Tomorrow, I have a book signing at the SFWA tent from 1-2PM as my only obligation, but before and after, I plan on taking advantage to actually get a chance to visit some of the other tents as well as using my iPad mini to get some writing in. As much fun as I’m having at the show, my deadlines for stories and college papers isn’t getting extended, so it’ll be a working convention for me, that’s for sure.

Also, if you stop by, I have a number of my books for sale with the SFWA book seller. *nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more*

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