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Editing and Editors

“The Wisp Hunter” has been edited and is winging its way back to Eggplant Literary. I love working with editors who make the story better.

I feel pretty lucky when it comes to edits. Most of the editors I’ve worked with have been pretty good at tightening my work up and making sure it’s as clean as possible before it goes out the door. I’ve only worked with a couple of editors who gave me the feeling they just rushed through it and pushed it out the door too early.

A couple of the editors I’ve worked with also seem to enjoy working with me, which is an added benefit. I blame my early days in journalism for my ability to take editing without getting spun up about it.

In journalism, sometimes you just HAVE to cut that story down because something hot came in, pushing your story deeper into the section or the ad department just sold a series of ads and they need you to trim that story down to fit in the two columns they have left on the page. And trust me, writers who can make a story fit sell more free-lance stuff than writers who get “golden word syndrome”.

So, if you’re a writer and you’ve got an editor you enjoy working with, lift a glass in their honor. They’re the people who help save you from yourself.

* * * * * * *

Oh, and a couple of checks came in today too. So, score AND score. Now to get back to writing.

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