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Been a busy last couple of days.

Added another thousand words to On Wings of Steel, my steampunk novel for Musa Publishing. Unless my muse leads me astray again, I think I’ve introduced all the plot threads and now it’s a matter of picking up all of them and twisting them into an ending.

Also, I added another six hundred words to Pearls of Darkness, my fantasy noir novella for Pro Se Press. I need to get this one done and think of a good suggestion for the collection.  This story and The Full Moon Affair are also scheduled for later this year, which means the quicker I get this to my editor, the happier everyone’s going to be.

I also just received my edits for “The Wisp Hunter”, for the fall issue of Spellbound, from Eggplant Literary Productions. Luckily, only a few minor changes which I hope to knock out over the weekend and get this puppy put to bed.

Oh, and I refined the outline for Wings of Fire, my next short story for the For a Few Gold Pieces More collection. Need to start that pretty soon too.

While I was working on Pearls of Darkness, I got buzzed on line about a possible new writing assignment from another publisher. It sounded like a very cool story, but as a sign I may have too many irons in the fire right now, I just couldn’t come up with a story pitch I liked enough to even submit.

Even though, I love to think of myself as being very adaptable, sometimes, I’m just not the right guy for a particular story or the story concept is just not right for me.

Then again, maybe no being able to think of a story line was a good thing.   Even though grad school at Bowie State University doesn’t start until after Labor Day, my British Literature professor sent me three articles to read and I need to have and defend a position paper for the first night of class.

Between writing and school, I have a feeling it’s going to be an interesting sprint toward the new year.

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