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Podcasting is something I’ve always been interested in. As many of my friends (and some of my enemies) would tell you, I do enjoy talking. Now, I also like listening, but I’m never going to be confused for a shy person.

Under Tee Morris‘s tutalage, I actually own all the equipment I need to do a fairly decent podcast, outside of the fact, I’m not 100% sure what I’d actually do a podcast about.

(Who is Tee Morris? Well, besides being a friend and a hell of a SF/F writer, he’s also co-author of “Podcasting for Dummies” and “All A Twitter” and helped establish Podiobooks.com.  Go check out his stuff too!)

Some people had suggested doing a Writer Beware oriented podcast and others have suggested that I do a podcast based on my monthly world-building column I was doing for Penumbra magazine.

But, that, along with a few other projects I have may have to wait for that mythical thing called “spare time”.

But, even though I’m not doing it, other people are. For example, Tommy Hancock, the publisher and chief editor for Pro Se Productions. He does not only the Pro Se podcast, but he’s also one of four hosts for Pulped!, which reviews New Pulp and Classic Pulp regardless of who the publisher is.

This week, he seriously worked some audio editing magic and managed to make me sound intelligible.


This week on PULPED!, Tommy Hancock welcomes Richard C. White. A creator of original characters as well as a media tie-in writer, Richard discusses his brush with two pretty significant fictional universes, the ins and outs of media tie in writing, his love for the Pulps, and how all that and more brought him to New Pulp in a big way! Listen in as Richard C. White Gets PULPED!



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