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Holiday progress

Had a nice day with the family earlier today.

Spent part of this afternoon reviewing edits from an editor for a comic script I’m working on. Finished making the edits, tightened up a few things, and now it’s off to the artist I hope to work with on this project. Once he finishes up the sample pages, we’ll be ready to start shopping this project around and see if we can’t find a publisher for this project.

Also spent some time writing On Wings of Steel.  Added another 2375 words to the novel and finished the chapter I started the other day. Hoping I can keep this pace up over the weekend. If so, I’ll definitely be back on track to meet the deadline. *huzzah!*

Additionally, I added 275 words to The Pearls of Darkness Affair, which is the companion piece to The Full Moon Affair, which is under contract with Pro Se Productions. I’m really enjoying working with these characters and the story keeps surprising me. I haven’t abandoned the outline, but let’s just say, something came to me as I was adding in that little section that’s going to make the rest of the story very interesting.

Oh, and an interesting conversation with a publisher on the telephone. More to follow there.

All in all, a very successful holiday day

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