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Sails off the port bow, Captain.

SeaDragon_e_version_sm And following up on the announcement about Troubleshooters,  Incorporated, StarWarp Concepts will also be publishing another comics of mine.

Chronicles of the Sea Dragon will be released as an e-comic this coming September. This issue is a 48 page one-shot black and white comic meant to introduce the audience to the world of the Sea Dragon. Bill Bryan (Dark Oz/Deadworld) handles the interior art while Eliseu Gouveia provides the cover for this issue.

When Captain Asheera loses his ship, Azure Sea, it seems as if his days as a privateer are over. But, his patron is not willing to lose a valuable captain so easily. Sent along with Captain Kalana of the Black Talon, Asheera’s crew must intercept an unknown cargo and escape. The patron doesn’t care how Asheera and Kalana pull it off, he just wants the mission accomplished. But, without a ship, what’s a privateer to do?

Chronicles is my homage to the pirate movies of the 1940s and 50s and Bill Byran and I have tried to capture that energy and can-do spirit of those old movies on the pages of this comic. So, grab your sea bag, have a cup of grog and board the ship. We’re sailing in September.

Originally published at Richard C. White. Please leave any comments there.

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