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The Voices from the Peanut Gallery

Added another 3541 words to On Wings of Steel today, and that includes taking the time to enjoy Despicable Me. Yes, it only took me three years to finally see it and wow, did I make a mistake ignoring it up until now. I was convinced the movie looked ridiculous and why would I waste my time watching it. I admit, I was wrong. This movie rocked.

The good part about today’s writing was the fact the story keeps morphing on me. We’re still basically following the outline, but this last chapter I just finished was derived completely from my imagination today. I started working on something and then this idea grabbed ahold and said, you owe it to the characters to check this out.

So far,  it doesn’t feel as if I’m following any rabbit trails, so I suspect this will survive rewrite time.  The characters keep pointing out new directions I should explore and, so far, it seems they’ve got better ideas than I do.

One thing that surprises me is how one of the characters I thought would be the most “by-the-book” character has a rather insubordinate side. I’m finding this to be a rather intriguing aspect and will definitely encourage this from her. It adds some depth I wasn’t expecting from her. I love it when a story takes off and I’m more of the scribe than the creator. *grin*

Just passed the halfway point on this book and it feels like I’m hitting my stride after a couple of false starts. Let’s hope I can keep it up.

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