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A Wing and a Prayer

Managed to add another 1729 words to On Wings of Steel.  With a little bit of luck, Wings will be four chapters longer by the end of this weekend. Given the usual stuff that needs to get accomplished around the house over the weekend, this may be a bit ambitious, but if you’re going to take the shot, might as well go for the kewpie doll.

On Wings of Steel is part of the Darkside Codex shared world that I helped create for Musa Publishing. The publisher approached me since I was already doing a world-building column in their monthly magazine called “Terra Incognito” with the idea of creating a world from scratch, preferably something Steampunk oriented.

Well, that was a bit of a challenge, but the researcher in me took the bait and over the course of nine months, I created the Darkside Codex bible in conjunction with Celina Summers, the publisher of Musa. It was fun trying to create the world from a blank piece of paper. I literally started with a city and developed it, laying out its shape and its inhabitants and then expanding outward (and upward in the case of the main city, Southwatch).

Once I had the world basically mapped out, then it was a matter of populating it as well as writing the history of the region. I had to decide how much the world might resemble our own and how much the mad science and possibly the magic had changed it. Since Southwatch is not set on an alternate Earth, we didn’t have some of the standard tropes to fall back on. It had to be unique and still familiar to our readers and I hope we’ve managed to create that balance

I hope you will check out the Darkside Codex series of books when they start coming out later this year.


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