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Pearls of WaterBetter a live swan than a cooked goose.

Some days, it almost doesn’t seem worth  it.

Yuki and I had just scored the biggest haul of our career. We were riding high when we stumbled into the middle of a disturbance in town. Normally, we try to avoid trouble, but this time it came looking for us. Seems the tomb we pillaged belonged to this kingdom’s closest ally, and they’re a tad upset about it. To pay for our transgressions, the king volunteered me to retrieve the prince’s wife. Apparently, she just fled the castle and her absence could turn this disturbance into a civil war. The king doesn’t want that.

Did I mention she fled because someone tried to assassinate her? Or that she apparently turned into a swan and flew out of the castle? Or that I have no clue where she fled to? Or that they’re holding Yuki hostage until I return with this flying princess?

It appears the only way we’re getting out of this is with a whole lot of luck.

I’m not holding my breath.


Pearls of Water, the sixth story in the “For a Few Gold Pieces More” collection, is now available from Musa Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, OmniLit, and other fine purveyors of e-books.


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