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Some old friends come to call

TSI_Night_StalkingsSpent the evening talking to Steve Roman, the guru behind StarWarp Concepts and my first publisher back in the days when I was doing small press comics. We’ve been working on some projects together here the past few months and it’s time I began announcing them.

Coming up soon, StarWarp Concepts will be re-releasing Troubleshooters, Incorporated as a graphic novel. Originally written by my wife Joni and myself and illustrated by Reggie Golden, this three volume mini-series will now be available again in Fall 2013.  The graphic novel will be available in both a dead-tree version and an electronic version for those who prefer to read their comics that way.

We’re very fortunate to have a great cover for the book drawn by Richard Dominguez of Azteca Production and colored by Eliseu Gouveia. I met Richard several years ago and really enjoyed reading his comic El Gato Negro. I was incredibly flattered when he asked if I’d be interested in a drawing of my characters done in his style.

Interested? I should say so.

And while I’m at it, I feel like I should plug my former and soon-to-be-again publisher’s own works. Steve is writing an incredible YA novel series called “The Saga of Pandora Zweibeck”. His first novel, Blood Feud, has gotten great reviews (not only from me), and he’s working hard at getting the next one, Blood Reign, out this fall.  Definitely hit his web site and give it a look over.

OK. Enough marketing. Back to getting some of my other writing projects done.

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