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The Black School

The Black School

The only thing more dangerous than a snow maiden is being in love with a snow maiden.

Talk about your rock and hard place.

It all changed in a flash. One minute I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky rogue with a snow maiden as a companion. The next thing I know I’m meeting her family and being sized up for husband material . . . or a coffin if I don’t live up to expectations. Given the way her relatives are looking at me, I’m thinking most of them are hoping for the latter. Still, they need my skills to rescue one of Yuki’s cousins from a mess he’s in. Apparently this school for wizards they enrolled him in is the best in the Empire. Turns out there’s a small catch. One member of each graduating class has to be sacrificed to the demon that rules the school and the faculty think Yuki’s cousin fits the bill perfectly. So, all I have to do is sneak in to this school, spirit out the young man without being detected and bring him back to a camp full of people who’d rather run a sword through me or freeze me solid for having the gall to date Yuki.Pack of blood-thirsty snow spirits behind me?  Check. School full of powerful wizards in front of me. Check.

Seems my usual run of luck has arrived right on time.

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