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Back to Basics

Sorry I haven't been posting real regularly, but at least, I am posting.

Got my grades back on my mid-terms - 2 A's. *yea!*

Now the hard part starts - well, actually continues. I finished reading Dracula and am now going through the supplimental books I have picked up to get the pull-quotes I need for my paper. Next weekend, it's back to the Bowie State Library to start pulling stuff for my "Midsummer's Night's Dream" presentation and paper. We are supposed to do a 10-15 minute presentation in Class on May 7 and the final paper is due May 17. I'm figuring no more than 6 PowerPoint slides (That should be almost 15 on the nose, considering the first slide is the title slide and then the three-minutes-per-slide that a lecture should take.)

Read White Noise by Don DeLillo for the criticism class. It is an odd little novel - very surreal in its own way but not quite Dadaesque. We had a good discussion about it this week and were able to apply many of the "philosophers and schools of criticism" to the book. I guess some of the first half of the semester stuck with me.

Also, kicked around an idea for my upcoming thesis with Dr. K. More on this as it develops.

What I was really kicking on the past two weeks was the rewrite of Harbinger of Darkness. I wound up rewriting the first five chapters completely from the ground up. However, after that, I felt the back part of the book still hung together pretty well, so while there was some serious cut, move, rewrite, shift, redirect going on, I finished the rewrite three nights ago. Spent the last couple of days working on the query letter and now have the query letter out with some people for comment/critique.

(Personally, I'd rather write six papers for college than one query letter. Trying to condense a 100K story into three paragraphs and have it capture the essence of the story is not for the faint of heart. *sigh*)

So, that's where things stand now. Busy with school, hope to start shopping Harbinger off to agents by the start of summer (may give it one last review after finals . . . just to be sure) and then back to work on some short stories I'm hoping to pitch.

Oh yeah, and I still need to do the May submission for Terra Incognito for Penumbra.

OH, and speaking of that. I'm definitely looking forward to my July column. I'll be interviewing Tracy Hickman, of Dragonlance and the upcoming Wayne of Gotham novels, for my world-building column. We're going to delve into world builidng as well as the differences in world building for media tie-in and original fiction, among other topics.

I am SO stoked.


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