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Midterms, Spring Break, Papers and Other Writing

Midterms have come and "almost" gone. I say "almost" because we still have to do the essay section for my Literary Criticism class next week. We were supposed to do it last Tuesday, but another class was going to a film festival and their professor requested their attendance. So, Dr. K agreed to do the closed book portion (10 questions - short answer) and then release the class to do the open book essay section the week we come back from Spring Break.

We did have the midterm test for the Seminar in Drama class on Monday. I think I did pretty well. I wish I had known it was open book because it might have been nice to actually slip in some quotes (and page numbers) in my answers, but I think I hit all the important points on my essays. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Yes, even though it's technically still Winter, we start Spring Break tomorrow. Of course, there's a difference in Spring Break for undergrads and grad students. All Spring Break means to me is I don't have class for a week. That's just more time to work on the papers I have coming up at the end of the semester (as well as the reading I need to do for class. It's not quite as relaxing as I remember break being 20+ years ago when I was getting my degree in History.

But, luckily for me, both of my papers are going to be on topics I'm extremely excited about. For Literary Criticism, I'm doing a 10-page paper on Dracula and for Seminar in Drama, I'm doing a 17-25 page paper and a 20-minute in class presentation on A Midsummer's Night's Dream. Yep, you can do fantasy in Grad School -- it just has to be OLD fantasy. *grin*

Went to see John Carter today. I must disagree with the critics. I enjoyed the movie. No, it's not a blockbuster and no, there's no "great deeper meaning". It's just a very fun retelling of a 100-year-old novel. I enjoyed the heck out of the animation and watching Carter deal with Mars's lesser gravity was pretty funny (and probably pretty darn accurate as far as the falling and stuff). It's too bad that Disney had no clue how to promote this movie. If they lose money on it, it's their own fault, not the source material.

Just finished the first draft of The Mountain of Night. Going to give it a little time to percolate and then it's time to start the never-ending joy of editing. It came in around 10,300 words. By the time I get done trimming and stuff, I hope to get it down to 8,000. Like most of my first drafts, there's probably some flab and some repetition in there that can easily be extracted. But, I need some time away from it first.

I think I hear the children of night calling from my Nook, though. Time to get back to Victorian England and a certain Transylvanian count who's visiting.
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