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Mid-term Weekend

Quick catch up note:

Studying for two mid-term tests (Monday - Seminar in Drama and Tuesday - Literary Criticism). Feel pretty comfortable about Monday's test. Not quite as comfortable about Tuesdays. Stuff has been coming at a high-rate of speed in Criticism. I'm OK with the possible essay questions, but the short answer questions could be tough. He's got a ton of possible terms to choose from and I'm just hoping I pick the right ones to really concentrate on.

Starting to work on my end-of-term papers. I have to do  a 17-25 page paper and an oral presentation for Drama at the end, with a specific focus on desire and/or jealousy. My topic is a Mid-summer's Night's Dream by William Shakespeare and I'm hoping I can focus on the interaction between Oberon, Titania and Bottom, but I'm preparing to discuss the entire play if required. Lord knows, there's enough characters in that one to fill a paper. *grin*

For Literary Criticism, I'm doing my paper on Dracula. I'm going to take a critique of Dracula based on one school of literary criticism (say, Neo-Marxist) and then deconstruct that critique using the focus of a different school of theory (say feminist, or New Historians). This way I can show I understand multiple schools as well as understanding the book itself.  Waiting to hear back on the instructor's approval of my topic, but I already have 17 books in my possession or coming in on inter-library loan for this topic.  (Yeah, once an over-achiever, always an over-achiever.)

Starting to get feedback on The Full Moon Affair from my Alpha readers. Good news is the story holds together pretty well. Bad news is I need more scene description in places. Feels like the story is floating in mid-air. Good thing to hear up front - it's easier to add in scenery in the first rewrite than after I've "tightened" everything up after the third or fourth pass.

Oh, yeah, and along with studying, I'm working on finishing up my Terra Incognito column for Penumbra magazine. Now that I've created a world, it's time to create some countries and tribes to inhabit it as well as beginning to start naming features to give the world a more realistic feel. I'm having fun with the column and I hope the readers are getting something out of it.

Oh, and other news here in a moment, but I wanted to give it its own post here.
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