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What does a writer do . . .

. . . when he's not writing fiction?

Somehow, he winds up writing articles for magazines. *grin*

I can now announce that I am writing a column for Penumbra Magazine, an e-magazine produced by Musa Publishing. The name of the column is Terra Incognito and it will be a monthly column focused (as you can probably guess) on world building.

I'm going to be designing lands, cities, religions, trade, and cosmology, from the ground up - literally - as we go through the monthly sessions. The first session is was released today in Penumbra #5, which is simply an introduction to my methods for building different worlds. Whether I'm doing it for a fantasy realm, for the Starfleet Intelligence base I used in Echoes of Coventry, the world I didn't get to use for Demons and Devils, (which was the SCE story that never was), or taking the world of Gauntlet Dark Legacy and turning it into something that "could exist" - there are certain techniques and research methods that are pretty universal. I hope to touch on many of these in my column.

However, don't think you're safe. *grin*. I know there are some authors who occasionally stick their nose in here to see what I'm babbling about. I may be pestering a few of you over the next few years to grant me an interview on how YOU do world building. I am not so vain to say I am the end all and be all of world building - though I'm close *grin*. So, I'm going to see if I can weasel some of your secrets, your favorite research sites, your go-to books, etc., for my readers.

Consider yourselves forewarned.


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Feb. 3rd, 2012 04:09 am (UTC)
I'm going to touch on that too. World building research comes into play when doing realistic fiction. One of the examples I hope to use is taking the world of the Three Musketeers but adding in a little magic to go along with it.

What? You can't see Richelieu casting spells to ensure the downfall of the Musketeers? Maybe not the Charlton Heston version, but the Tim Curry one? Oh, heck yes.

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