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Plotting and Planning

Well, after my web session today, I spent some time enjoying dinner and then visiting with a friend. Planning on going to see Red Hawks next Sunday with him. So, not as much time spent on the writing, but I still reached the end of Chapter Three in Harbinger of Darkness. Added 682 words, which brings my two day total up to 4,253.

Not shabby for someone who's knocking off the rust.

Now it's time to go print out the old Chapter Four and see what's salvageable from it and get all my stuff together for Spring Semester 2012. Class starts at 1655 tomorrow.

Oh, I'm taking Seminar in Drama and Literary Critique at Bowie State this spring. Classes meet on Monday and Tuesday after work. I have no clue what the workload is going to be this semester, but I do know we're covering eleven plays in my seminar class. Only two books for Literary Critique -- but the one is nearly four inches thick. What a brick! I just hope we actually use it. I so hate buying college books and then never using them.

Now where did I leave that schedule . . . ?
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