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Editing Day

While no real writing was done today, I did spend some time working on edits.

Began initial edits on two short stories I'm working on. The first one's working title is The Mountain of Darkness, which is a follow-up short to The Demon's Head. I'm working up a small collection of shorts, which could basically be described as "The Man with No Name meets Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser". It kind of fun writing about a (mostly) amoral protagonist, and I'm picking several interesting folktales from different countries to base the stories around.

Since most of the regular SF/F publishers are either on hiatus or (like Realms of Fantasy) closing their doors completely, I'm kicking around the idea of trying to sell some short stuff to some e-publishers. However, I think a collection of shorts would probably sell better than single short stories - so I decided to take The Demon's Head and see if there were more stories that the protagonist wanted to share with me. Turns out there are, so we'll see what other trouble he can get into here in the near future.

The other short I'm putting together I blame completely on the Sam Spade and Boston Blackie radio shows from the 40's/50's I've been listening to on my iPod during the morning drive to work. This short story is entitled The Full Moon Affair. I'm definitely channeling my inner Dashiell Hammett for this one (and a little William Spears - the writer of the radio show for pacing). I have no clue what I'm going to do with this story, but it's just too much fun to NOT write it.

And, tonight, I've started working on those novels I've been talking about for a while. Time to get serious about them, so I've knocked the dust off of Harbinger of Darkness. I'm two chapters into the rewrite and getting ready to go take Chapter Three upstairs for some serious redlining before I call it a night. I think I've got a new angle to take on this book - re-purposing one of the antagonists, which I hope will make the payoff even better when things come to a boil in the City-State of Sagras.

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