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OK, here we go again.

Time to get back to this blog after a significant vacation.

Quick catch up and then we'll move forward.

Since my last post (yeah, it's been a while), I've:
a) celebrated my 20th anniversary
b) been accepted into graduate school at Bowie State University
c) had "Echoes of Coventry" come out in a dead-tree version - What's Past
d) been promoted in Kendo to Nidan (2nd Dan)
e) began wrapping up my current contract at work and waiting to see what comes next
and finally
f) been offered and have accepted the position as a columnist for an on-line magazine. (more on that in a bit.)

So, no, I'm not dead. No, I haven't quit writing. No, I haven't sold any original work *yet*.

I'll post more about my new position later.

But, for now, we're back and ready to hit 2012 with a vengeance. I'll also be directing the people interested in my Kendo to Nightwolfkendo. I'll try to keep my writing blog and my kendo blogs separate and both up-to-date.

Anyway. Happy New Year to everyone and looking forward to hearing from those people who haven't given up on this blog quite yet.
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