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Physical Therapy - Third Session

You know, I thought this stuff was supposed to get easier. *grin*

Just made it to therapy in time. Wound up staying just a little longer at work than I had intended. Plus the fact that the shuttle bus was almost 25 minutes late this morning made my plans for leaving early fly right out the window. I don't understand how a trip that used to take 10-12 minutes back in 2008 now seems to take the driver 15-20 on average. Just very odd.

Still, I made it, got changed and hopped on the stationary bike to start. 10 minutes later, I was cruising through the machines. I thought things were going swimmingly until I got to the squats. The lunge squats were difficult, but I'm trying to focus on squatting with my back straight instead of leaning out over my knees. It uses a completely different set of muscles than I'm used to abusing, so even though I'm only doing twenty of them, I can really feel it when I get about halfway done.

The balancing on one leg and using the large rubber bands to do balance/strengthening work are going pretty well and then today, we got to my nemesis, the wall squats. You'd think just sitting down and standing up while keeping your back against a wall should be a piece of cake.

You'd think.

Well, I obviously did something wrong last Saturday, because halfway through the squats, the outside of my right foot felt like it was on fire. The trainer on Saturday couldn't spot what I was doing wrong, although my primary trainer thinks I may have been twisting my foot to compensate and putting most of my weight on the right leg instead of coming up evenly. When I went to do the squat and hold at the end, I was able to squat, but I couldn't get back up and wound up nearly taking a nose dive.

So, tonight, we just did the twenty squat and stands at the wall and they decided to wait and do the squat and holds until Friday.

I've also scheduled my next visits all for the evening. I think my knee needs a little more time to wake up than the rest of my body, so doing PT early on Saturdays is probably not an experiment I want to try again.

We finished by icing and doing the electric stimulation on my knee again. It's a weird, but somewhat pleasant experience.

I saw the doc yesterday and he seems pleased with my progress, so that's a good sign. Just fussed at me to stop limping. *grin*


In other news, the contractor is moving on the house, we have working AC and everyone seems to be happy with the work I'm doing in the new office, so besides the knee, life is going reasonably well.

Still not excited about wishweaver leaving for eight weeks for a workshop this Sunday. Don't get me wrong, I really encouraged her to go for it and I think it's a fantastic opportunity. Still, I didn't enjoy going TDY for long periods of time when I was in the Army and it's gonna be awfully lonesome here (even with the daughter-unit).

Hopefully, between Kendo, Therapy and doing some writing, time will go quickly.
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