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The Summer of My Discontent

Well, sometimes you just have to take that big boy pill.

It's basically coming down to going to conventions or getting the house remodeled. After all the stupidity with the first contractor, even more stupidity with the banks and the inability to borrow my own money from my 401K in the quantities I desired or over the time period I wanted, we have finally secured a good contractor and sufficient funds to at least accomplish most of what we want to do with this house.

Plus, we HAVE to get the AC fixed. Pronto. It's melt city here.

Unfortunately, that means sometimes you put aside fun stuff to do adult stuff. (Not that kind of adult stuff . . . get your mind out of the gutter. *sheesh*)

So, it looks like FantaSci and Archon are going to bite the big one this year. Just money I don't need to be spending with my medical bills and with the house remods. I'm hoping this should be a temporary state of affairs, but better to be safe than sorry. I apologize to the hosts of the two shows but family has to come first.
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