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Physical Therapy and Kata

Today was going to be a day for rushing around. I knew that and I'm still whupped as I call it a day.

Got to work early so I could get off in sufficient time to pick wishweaver up at the Airport. Actually, got off too early and had to kill an hour waiting for her plane to arrive. Get to the airport to find NO Southwest flights listed on the Departure/Arrival boards. What the . . . ? I went to the counter and they verified that there was an issue with a Southwest computer but yes her plane was actually ahead of schedule and would arrive shortly. Finally caught up with her and she filled me in on the convention she attended in Milwaukee. Sounds like she had a great time and met some very cool people from not only around the States but a number of European countries were well represented at the "Bead and Button Show". It's apparently a really large show (10th anniversary), which is sponsored by "Bead and Button" magazine (hence the name).

We hurried from the airport to get to my physical therapy session. The therapists were pleasant to visit with and they definitely put me through my paces. The only real issue I had was the 10 minutes on the stationary bike. It's a recumbent style of bike and my feet kept slipping on the pedals. For some reason I seemed incapable of keeping my feet centered. BUT, all things said and done, I made it.

They had me do some leg presses, the adduction and abduction machines to work the side muscles in my legs/groin area, then we worked with balancing exercises on my bad leg, worked with resistance bands and then finished up with a series of deep squats with my back pressed against a wall. I could hold the bend, but the therapist had to help me get back onto my feet. We did 20 initially of squatting and then pushing myself back up the wall, then we did several with me getting into the squat as low as I could and holding it for X amount of time. That was the killer.

After we finished my battery of exercises, they did a couple of stretches on my legs and then hooked up a machine to my knee and shot electric current through my knee. Four electrodes surrounded my knee and I could feel the system going from one node to the other, sometimes straight across, other times in a circular motion. They were happy with my initial attempts but have warned me, now that they have a baseline, the exercises will get progressively more difficult.

I hurried from PT to Kendo practice. Sensei is in San Antonio testing for his next iaido rank and most of the other sempai weren't going to be able to be there, so Sensei asked if I would come on Wed and lock up. I arrived a bit later than I had hoped and the beginner class was nearing completion. Sempai Ken (our new student from Michigan), was working on footwork and timing with the beginners as I put my swords together and started stretching.

We only had four people for the advanced class besides Ken and myself (two shodan, two non-ranked kyus). Ken did a good job rotating them through and still getting some practice in for himself. He explained the differences between big waza and small waza. Then he walked them through various techniques so they could see how they felt and when each style was appropriate. He also had them work on some basic waza before having a jikeiko (sparring) session toward the end.

We finished up by doing kata. I was much more confident with Katas 1-3 and concentrated on 4 & 5 tonight. I'm going to keep pushing myself to get these five down pat before I worry about learning 6 & 7 (which I will have to be able to do for nidan testing this fall). Even though my two partners were much "quicker" than I was, I was able to match them on the kata, so we actually looked like we knew what we were doing out there. *grin*

It's really frustrating watching practice and only being able to ghost along on the side, but my physical therapist was pretty adamant that I was not ready to really push off with my left foot and definitely not ready to "lunge" for a point - and I totally agree. Even doing the ghost moves, I can feel it in my knee occasionally. Still, half-speed kendo is better than no kendo.

And now, off to bed.
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