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Quick notes

1) Got a new assignment at work that I'm absolutely loving. It's so cool to actually look forward to going into work. Looked up and realized I'd worked an hour and a half past quitting time and hated the idea of having to wait and finish what I was doing in the morning. This is why I took this job 10 years ago. *grin*

2) Made a minor milestone today. I actually walked up stairs today like a normal person instead of step, pull the other foot up to that step and then step again. I mean I walked up right, left, right, left all the way to the top . . . three times. *grin* Yeah, it's weird how little normal things are so cool right now. Still having issues with going downstairs. I can do it normally, but it makes both knees hurt, so I'm holding off on that for a bit.

3) Woke up this morning and my leg felt great. I was worried I might have overdone it a bit at practice last night but considering I "stood" from 6:45 until 10:30, it was great. It actually was more problematic after I'd sat too long at work than from moving around last night.

4) wishweaver gets back from her beading and jewelry making convention in Milwaukee tomorrow evening. The cats have been completely confused by her absence. They're really going to freak when she goes to her workshop in Albuquerque later this month for eight weeks. (Come to think of it, forget the cats, I think I'm gonna be a basket case by then.)

5) It's 2329. Definitely time for bed if the alarm's going off at 0550.

Night, LJ.
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