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Catch up time

Wow, where does the time go?

I had my surgery on the 14th. Arrived at 7am and met with the nurses, anesthesiologist, doctor and the med tech before my scheduled 8am surgery. The med tech told me he'd be spinning the tunes for me and asked what I wanted to hear. I told him, I'd have to go with some AC/DC after watching Iron Man II. We spent some time talking about comics, Marvel movies, etc. before it was time to go to surgery.

Just as I was wheeled into the operating room on the gurney, "Back in Black" began to play over the computer speakers and I saw the med tech sitting in the corner with a big grin on his face. He wasn't kidding about the music - he had a ton of iTunes stuff on the computer.

Surgery went quick (well, I slept through most of it) and about 9:15 I woke up and felt pretty good. I had my crutches but didn't really need them (leg was heavily wrapped in an ace bandage). Went out for breakfast with wishweaver, came home, lounged around a bit, dozed on the couch. We picked up my prescription for pain meds but I didn't think I was going to need them.

Then Saturday rolled around.

Let me say, there was no more "walking around without the crutches" for a while. Oh my goodness. My knee didn't "hurt" as in the throbbing type of consistent pain. However, to give you an example, I was laying on the couch and one of the cats jumped off the back of the couch and landed on my belly button. I instinctively jerked my legs up and to quote Bill Cosby "the pain . . . was tremendous . . . ".

I spent the next week at home a) learning how to maneuver on crutches and b) re-learning how to take care of myself. As the week progressed, I went from using two crutches to one crutch and I learned how to go up and down the stairs with my crutch and a handrail. Finally, Friday rolled around and I went in for my evaluation. The doc showed me all the beautiful before and after pics of my meniscus, *ewww*, and then wanted to know why I was still on the crutches?

Uh, mainly because you didn't say not to use them?

So, I haven't been on the crutches since the 21st of May, but I'm still not 100%. Go figure. I went back to work on the 24th and made it through Thursday. However, by Thursday, my knee was swollen from all the walking I'd been doing all week, so I took another day of leave I didn't have and stayed home on Friday icing my knee.

Went back to work this week and so far, I'm walking with a little less limp although the knee does get weak at times and it'll give out on me at the worst times, like in the cafeteria right after I've paid for my food. Luckily, neither I nor any co-worker has worn my lunch yet, but it's still a helpless feeling as I'm hopping, balancing, grabbing onto a rail and avoiding being run over by the people around me.

I have my physical therapy diagnostic tomorrow night and they'll be helping me develop a stretching routine for Kendo, as well as telling me when I can resume. I'm hoping to at least start doing some kata since that's a) done a a very deliberate pace and b) non-contact next Monday. We shall see what the therapist thinks though.

Drove a car with a stick-shift for the first time tonight. Not too bad. Not quite ready to get the Miata out and go cruising anytime soon though.

Do have some other news though. We have a new contractor working on our house. It turns out our original contractor was "less than honorable". I would have to say all the money we'd spent on him was pretty much wasted. The new contractor is redoing about half the stuff this guy wasted almost three years our our lives doing. However, apparently there are about 50 other people in line in front of us trying to get money out of him, so I'd say our chances of recovering anything are pretty much shot.

However, the new contractor is pulling on the bit wanting to get going on our house. We already have a new deck and he's about 50% done with the basement remodeling. Apparently a lot of the guys on his crew have worked for or with him since he learned construction from his father back in the 70s. They don't waste much time. Get in, get going, get done and move on to the next assignment.

wishweaver has gotten a plum assignment at work. She's attending a workshop out in New Mexico for eight weeks and it sounds like she's going to get to do some really cool cutting edge work out there. The daughter-unit and I have never spent that much time without her to referee, so this summer is likely to be an adventure in more ways than one. *eeep!*

And of course, in the middle of the heat/humidity that Maryland has visited on us, our AC unit has broken.

But hey, the month's over, I didn't kill anyone, I still have a job, I'm walking (mostly) without pain and I'm still breathing. So, all things considered, life isn't so bad.


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Jun. 3rd, 2010 03:24 am (UTC)
Whoa, what an ordeal! Here's hoping you're back up to speed soon.
Jun. 4th, 2010 02:37 am (UTC)
Glad to hear that you are recuperating well. Also, glad to hear the house is progressing again. I know it has been a frustrating experience for all of you.

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