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Weekend in review

Well, Friday was my last day on the old contract. They finally got everything straightened out on Thursday, so all I had to do on Friday was finish packing out the office and turn in my key to Security. I'm going to miss the team I was working with, but it was time for me to move on.

Saturday was somewhat out-of-character for me. I went to a gun show up in Frederick, MD. Hadn't been to one in at least fifteen years. One of the guys wishweaver works with is a collector of antique firearms and he loves to find these older weapons and restore them. I've been promising to go for a while, but never had.

So, of course, he couldn't make it to this one. But, since he'd sent me a number of e-mails with information and such, I felt like I owed him a trip up there and it's not like I was driving all the way across the state. Well, actually, I was, but heck, this is Maryland. It's hard to go a couple of blocks without traveling significantly across this state compared to CA or TX.

It wasn't a bad little show. Apparently a number of the usual dealers weren't there because it was Easter Weekend, but there were enough to give me a taste of what's available. I spotted a few weapons I wouldn't mind having in my collection, but this was a "window shopping" expedition for me. I just wanted to get a feeling for prices and availability.

While I was in Frederick, I decided to check in on the new location for Publish America. We have some pictures of their old townhouse but nothing of the new place. Took me forever to find it but find it I did. It's not in the high rent district in Frederick, that's for sure. The first thing I noticed it how temporary this whole thing looks. They don't even have a sign on the door or on the building (which is an office attached to a warehouse). If you didn't know it was where PA was located, you'd never be able to find them.

Enjoyed the drive home, put the top down on the Miata and just cruised back on I-70. If I hadn't been in a hurry, I would have taken the back roads instead. I'm thinking next weekend or two, I may have to take a run up to Gettysburg and cruise around up there. The weather is just perfect for driving with no particular destination in mind.

Took wishweaver out shoe shopping yesterday evening for new running shoes. I tell you, getting new shoes has definitely gone high-tech. They had us both step on devices that measured our arches, how we distributed our weight on our feet, how much we turned our feet in or out when we ran, etc. Very impressive. Now that I'm newly shod, I do need to get out there and actually use them.

Today was a home day though. The highlight of the day was the daughter-unit making dinner for us. She made an outstanding shrimp scampi on angle hair pasta, a salad and then we had strawberry shortcake for desert.

I did get some writing in this weekend. Last night, I finally sat down and put the reorganized 3/7 Armored Cav down on paper. Tonight, I started transferring that information to my Quatro Pro spreadsheet and then picked up Chapter Seventeen again. Added 1315 words tonight on Steel on Target. Figure I'm almost done with this chapter,(maybe another 1000 words?). This chapter is a bit of a set-up chapter which makes it a bit of a slog to write. Not sure how much will survive edits, but better to get all the ideas down now rather than trying to figure out what I forgot later.

But, now, it's time for bed. Need to drop the car off at the dealer tomorrow and then get to my new job.


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