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Starting the holiday right

Well, as I mentioned, I start my new position on Tuesday. But, Thursday was my last day on the old contract. So, what did I do today? Training! Or to be more specific, On-line Training. Let's just say, some of these lessons aren't the most exciting things I've ever read. The good part though was working from home for the day.

Yep, spent the day doing lessons on business writing. However, since my new position is going to have even more writing than my last one, I figured brushing up on how to do documentation and the various types of documentation was "a good thing". Plus, I got to check off some more blocks for my promotion/evaluation that's coming up in October.

Plus, I was able to finally get started on the newest Glen Cook novel I've been waiting to get into. Whispering Nickel Idols is the latest in his Garrett, P.I. series, which ranks right up there with his Black Company story as far as I'm concerned. Fantasy Noir, gotta love it.

I managed to get 1194 words done on Harbinger tonight, which got me to the end of Chapter 19. It was a little slow going, but I think I've just about explored this rabbit trail to its logical end (one loose thread still running around, but I think I can add it into the last couple of chapters and tie everything together in a neat bow).

Current Harbinger status:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
85,617 / 125,000

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