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OK, Been a bit since I wrote.

Unfortunately, it's easy to get distracted by stuff. I'll sit down to write and then someone will call, someone will call for me to check something out, and the next thing I know, I've blown through my writing time. So, I say I'll make it up at lunch tomorrow and then I get busy at work and so I'll do some extra writing at home and . . .

Well, you can see where that's going.

Time for the excuses to end.

I have been back to writing, and over the past three days, I've added 4,748 words to Steel on Target. I've also gotten some great feedback on the sample chapters I've sent out to some friends who're authors. It's not "quite" ready, in my opinion, but I feel pretty good this story is heading in the right direction.

It felt good writing tonight and I'm hoping this momentum will continue on, but one step at a time. I'm still a chapter closer to the end now and that's what matters.

Last weekend, we bought the daughter-unit her big birthday present. She is now the proud owner of her first electric guitar. She doesn't officially start lessons for a couple of weeks, but I'm making her spend a little time each day pressing down on the strings and starting to build up her calluses. If she spends half the time working on the guitar as she does her art, she's going to pick this up pretty quick. She's got a good ear for music, so I've got confidence.

Only drawback is, to fit her hands, we had to get a fairly narrow necked guitar. I've tried plinking around on it, but the strings are so close together, I'm hard pressed to not hit two strings simultaneously. So, if I'm going to play with her, I'm going to have to get a guitar of my own. But not anytime soon.

And now, I'm procrastinating going to bed.

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