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Last Week Re-cap

(You know, I need to start posting more often to avoid this stuff. *sigh*)

They synopsis was completed, treated to the "Red Pen of Doom" TM by wishweaver, rewritten, re-edited and reviewed "one more time" before I hit send. BUT, the synopsis and first three are off to the agent for their review.

It's weird. Even though I won this review in the charity auction, I was just as nervous sending this off as I have been every time I've submitted something. I know it's just a review, not something that was requested because of a query, but still, there's always that little hope that says, "Wow, I wonder if they'd like to see the whole thing. Maybe they'll fall in love with it and want to rep it."

Now, the cynic in me says, "Yeah, dream on, bub," but the kid in me still has the fingers crossed.

Thursday, I met with the head of the English Graduate Program at Bowie State. I thought, given the "less than successful" foray into getting accepted into the other college, I should check out BSU and make sure their goals were compatible with mine and that I would fit in.

Well, I think Dr. Basena and I hit it off pretty well from the word go. *grin* It's a small department and unlike the other school, this would be a straight Masters of Art in English rather than an MFA program. In reality, given my goals, the goals my company has (being a contractor, they want me to have a Masters so they can charge more for my services *grin*), and the fact I want to do some Adjunct Faculty teaching in the future, this would actually be more useful.

(Plus, Bowie State is more affordable than University of Baltimore. That helps too.)

I'm busy filling out application forms and trying to track down transcripts from too many years ago, but hopefully, we'll hear something by mid/late April. Then I have to take a writing test for them to see if I can avoid having to take some undergrad pre-reqs. Such are the joys of going from a History Bachelors to an English Masters program.

Attended a gathering of the local Battletech group over the weekend. It looks like I can say I'm going to be doing some writing/editing for Catalyst Games her in the future. *Huzzah!* I'm still doing some serious catching up on background material, but it appears my involvement in Battletech since 1986 may pay off in the long run.

Oh, yeah, and I'm doing some writing too.

Now, if my left knee will just hold up for Kendo tonight.
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