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Tales of the Snowpocalypse - Day Three (pt. 2)

Well, it took another few hours but the Yaris is finally clear of all snow, the end of the driveway is cleared and my Miata is ALMOST clear. Still have to get the snow off of the passenger's side, but at least the multiple feet of snow on top of my convertible. No sense in stressing the rag top more than it already was.

The snow plow did go through, but all that meant was it piled up another four feet of slushy snow at the end of the driveway, so unlike the rest of the snow, this was crusted with a sheet of ice by the time we got to it. It's finally gone, but there are some huge piles of snow at either end of the mouth of the driveway. Will have to be very careful backing out in the morning if work isn't canceled.

Actually, my work won't be canceled since we don't close for snow days, but wishweaver's may close. We'll find out in the morning. I know the Maryland Govenor is asking people to stay home until Tuesday, but he's not going to give me leave to make up for missing work tomorrow. The road out in front of the house is clear, so I don't have a real reason not to go in.



Edit: 8:24pm - just got winter storm warning for Tues night/Wednesday - Weather service is calling for at least another 5", maybe more.

Snowpocalypse Two?
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