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I love computers (part dva)*

OK, I'm not quite sure what's going on with my home computer. (You thought this was going to be another rant about my computers at work . . . don't worry, I'm sure they'll do something stupid soon.) At least once a night, Firefox and Skype will just stop dead. Firefox won't load pages, Skype won't contact people, and if I shut them off and try to restart them, it gives me the message that "An instance of Firefox is currently running. Please close the window or restart your computer."

Mind you . . . it's not an internet connection issue because Twitter and Thunderbird are running perfectly fine.

I've run my A/V, I've run my anti-spy ware, I've checked my firewall. I'm pretty darn sure there's nothing on my computer that's not supposed to be there.

Well, I do still have Vista . . . and I'm leaning more and more toward believing that's the issue. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that Microbroke has done something to muck with Firefox, but that might just be my rampant anti-Microsoft persona showing through.

So, that's why I didn't post anything last night.

Which was too bad. Because I was having some very interesting chats on Twitter. I was reminiscing with someone about performing in jazz bands years ago and discussing the joys of running "TCAE Power and Light" during Desert Shield/Storm with another person (I'll tell that story another time.)

However, with all the computer issues, at least WordPerfect was running like it should. I added 1230 words to Steel on Target last night and I hope to finish up Chapter 14 tonight. I had been cranking on a scene Monday night, but when I opened up the chapter today, I had one of those momentary flashes of "what the hell". It's still a good scene, but it was in the wrong place. It needs to happen in about six chapters, not now. So, I carefully extracted it and moved it to a separate file to insert later. I let my muse get ahead of herself because I'm looking forward to that whole scene, but the middle of the book wasn't right. I haven't built up to it quite enough yet.

O.K., the snow's shoveled. The daughter-unit is off to school and I need to get myself to work here. Talk to you all later.

*dva = two in Czech.

Words for Today

1230 / 1000 words. 123%

Progress on Steel on Target

47983 / 85000 words. 56%

Words for 2010

5682 / 250000 words. 2%
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