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I will be so glad when this damn delivery is turned in on Friday. I won't go into all the "fun" we're having at work, but let's just say, my stress level is pretty high right now.

I'm having trouble focusing on my story right now. I hammered out 945 words today on Steel on Target. I have no idea how many of them will survive the next round of edits, but I have to remind myself the first rule of writing - "The first draft is allowed to suck". It's the edits where the story gets refined, but you can't edit blank paper.

This weekend can not come soon enough.

At least I accomplished two things tonight. One, I made my reservations for Marcon over Memorial Day weekend. The second one was a default. By going to Marcon, that means I won't be going to BEA since that's going on the same week. So, while it would have been fun to hit BEA after Writer Beware's visit last year, that's an expense I won't be racking up.

All right, it's already late. Time for bed.


Words for Today

945 / 1000 words. 95%

Progress on Steel on Target

45859 / 85000 words. 54%

Words for 2010

3376 / 250000 words. 1%
Tags: conventions, military sf, prowler, work, writing

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