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Took a bit to get going

Finished the first set of revisions on the documents at work today. Didn't quite kill a developer who was arguing with something I had written. Apparently "they" didn't label a screen correctly, so I was "right" in what I wrote, but it wasn't "right" in the way the program was going to function. We spent nearly ten minutes arguing over the concept of "update" until I realized she meant X and I meant Y because I agreed it wouldn't do what she said it wouldn't do.

English. Such a fun language.

So, I should be able to make it to Kendo tomorrow night. Chris filled me in about some of the drills they ran on Monday. I've never been to the Wednesday class, so I don't know if they basically do the same thing with different people or if they'll do something completely different. Either way, it still should be fun.

On the way to work this morning, I realized, I didn't need to push my commander off the tightwire. I needed to cut the damn poles off on each end. In the twenty minutes it took me to get to work, I basically re-plotted out the rest of the book and now I "know" who the real antagonist is . . . and it wasn't the person I thought it was when I started this book.

*Bad muse, bad muse.*

The words didn't come quite so easily tonight, but that's because a) I was still scribbling notes to myself to use later in the book, b) I was talking to someone on twitter about some licensed writing I could try out for in a universe I'm a HUGE fan of and c) I'm still not used to writing again yet.

OK, I realize those are excuses, but I did meet my goal. Just took longer than I thought it would. Added 1071 words to Steel on Target. I'm making the protagonist deal with some personal issues and it's a fine line between insightful and maudlin. Last thing I need is an emo tank commander. *grin* Still, my poor tanker's doing some growing up whether he wants to or not. Next chapter, I get to start killing stuff again.

It's going to take me a few days to filter all the thoughts I had this morning about Steel and organize them into a pseudo-chronological order. I won't quite call it an outline, but I do need to be sure my unit gets to X by Y day to make this new ending work the way I want it to.

But, it's gonna be fun. *grin*


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