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And away we go . . .

I couldn't make it to Kendo tonight. We have a rush project at work due on Thursday. The developers have basically fit 25 man weeks into eight to get this done. What that means though is they finished coding last Friday. That means I had to write the User's Manual and Release Notes "today" so they can be reviewed, corrected, sent to management, pray that management returns them in a timely fashion, turned into HMTL or .jsp pages and then included in the release . . . by 3pm on Thursday.

No stress there.

Oh, and while I'm writing, the developers are still debugging. I'm more upset for them than I am about my issues. They were dealt a piss-poor hand this time by management and have done much better than I thought they would.

So, anyway, I got home from work about 6:40 and figured there wasn't much chance of getting to practice tonight considering it's a 30 min drive to the dojo. They practice on Monday/Wednesday, so I'm planning on making up practice then. I just heard from my friend, Chris, and it sounds like they had a pretty good practice tonight. *sigh*

Little steps, little steps.

I took advantage of the evening though and finished the rewrite tonight. Plus, I added new words for once. Yep, 1,360 words were added to Steel on Target. I scrapped the entire old Chapter Thirteen, kept a few situations, and just plunged into writing. Now, I'm still a bit in edit mode because I would write a couple of sentences, stop, go back, re-read them and make corrections. I think that'll stop as I get used to just "writing" again as opposed to editing, but just like my kendo, it's little steps to get back into the habit.

I'm introducing an interesting (to me at least) situation in the story with the unit commander attempting to interrogate a captured female officer. He has to establish a rapport with her without looking like he's fraternizing with her. Several officers and senior enlisted would love to see someone else in charge of their unit and this might give them the ammo they need. I've got him walking a tightwire at the moment. I can't decide if I want to push him off or not. Decisions, decisions.

But, all in all, a pretty successful writing session tonight.

Words for tonight

1360 / 1000 words. 136%

Words on Steel on Target

43862 / 85000 words. 52%

Words for 2010

1360 / 250000 words. 1%
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