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Wanderings . . .

I had my interview for the new position today at 1230. By 1500, they'd called me back to say I start Tuesday. I'm taking Friday off to work from home and do some of that exciting on-line training. (I have a performance evaluation coming up in September and one thing they gigged me on last year was not having enough training hours. So, we're being a good soldier and taking that hill, so to speak. I don't expect to get promoted this year, but I'll take a nice cost-of-living raise.)

Seems like a great new opportunity for me. The section I'm going to be supporting as a tech writer is almost all engineers. They haven't done any documentation on this project other that what they have "had" to do. I'm going to be starting from scratch to try and catch them up, along with helping taking over the training once I'm comfortable with the new system as well as helping put their documentation and test results on the intranet, so rather than having to ship 40-50 pages of test information, they can just e-mail a URL and I'll have everything on the web for upper management to review.

Let's just say, I don't anticipate being bored at this new assignment. ;)

So, tomorrow is my last day in my old office. I'm sad to be leaving it, esp. because I've really enjoyed working with this particular group of people. It was a lot more relaxed office than I've usually worked in, mainly because most of them were senior people. Most of them aren't sweating promotions or who they have to make nice to, so they were really just themselves. Some very powerful personalities, but they also knew how to relax when there was some down time. Plus, they're very knowledgeable people who know how to get results.

I mentioned I'd sent my comic off to the printers. I asked the printer to e-mail me if there were any concerns/questions about the project. Nothing in the e-mail today. Then I note the light on the answering machine is flashing and its the printer asking me to call him. For some strange reason, I have a sinking sensation in my stomach, but we'll keep our fingers crossed and hope he's got good news for me when I call him in the morning. Hopefully we won't have too many changes to make to get this thing going.

Speaking of changes, Harbinger seems to be going . . . somewhere. I'm not quite certain where this current thread I'm writing is headed, because it's certainly nothing that I had anticipated. However, a few things I wrote as almost toss away back around chapters 4-6 are now slowly filtering back into the story and I'm seeing some new and interesting things I can do to tie them back into the main story. I haven't given up on the story I have outlined, but it looks like I'm going to get to the conclusion via a few alleys I hadn't really thought about going down. An intriguing proposition.

Plus, after all, this is still the first draft. If I find out I hate what I've done here, or it doesn't make sense or doesn't advance the plot after all, who cares? That's why they're called drafts. I can always chuck the whole chapter(s) when I go back through it the first few times. If I go over the proposed 125,000 words I was anticipating Harbinger might run, it doesn't matter either. It's what the final product looks like that I'm worried about. After all, I have no deadline to meet with this story unlike my earlier ones.

Even if this is a rabbit trail, I still knocked out 1542 words tonight. It's coming together pretty well in spite of me. ;)

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Jun. 30th, 2005 02:42 pm (UTC)
Congrats on securing new employment, and glad it won't be boring. *grin*

See you in a week!
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