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Past, Present and Future

Just got word from Pocket Books that Star Trek: SCE - "What's Past" will be coming out this August, which will include my story "Echoes of Coventry". I am stoked that this will finally be out in a dead-tree version. Just need to update my bio and acknowledgments and get those back to Pocket as soon as possible.

In fact, due to some silliness in the Star Trek writing universe, you'll get to see two S.C.E. collections this summer:

Out of the Cocoon (July), featuring
#57 - Out of the Cocoon by William Leisner (bill_leisner)
#58 - Honor by Kevin Killiany (kvaadk)
#59 - Blackout by Phaedra M. Weldon
#60 - The Cleanup by Robert T. Jeschonek (bob_j)

What's Past (August), featuring
#61 - Progress by Terri Osborne (terri_osborne)
#62 - The Future Begins by Steve Mollmann (steve_mollmann) and Michael Schuster (michaelschuster)
#63 - Echoes of Coventry by me
#64 - Distant Early Warning by Dayton Ward (daytonward) and Kevin Dilmore
#65 - 10 Is Better Than 01 by Heather Jarman
#66 - Many Splendors by Keith R.A. DeCandido (kradical)

I have no idea if I'll ever get to play in the Star Trek sandbox again, so I'm glad this book is coming out now.

On to the present. Followed the University of Central Missouri Mules' game on the internet last night. They played Truman State and given that Truman was 3-13 coming into the game, the Bulldogs gave the Mules a serious game. The Mules did pull it out in the end, winning by 75-60, but the score is not reflective of the game. Until the last eight minutes, the teams were trading the lead back and forth. I'm hoping this will be a wake-up call for my Mules not to take anyone lightly between now and the tournament. The MIAA teams always play each other tight and if you leave someone an opening, they will take advantage of it.

Obviously, the future relates to Steel on Target, not only because it's Military SF, but it's an in-progress novel. *grin* I finished the edits to Chapter Ten. I've read ahead into Chapter Eleven and now the fun really starts. I need to completely gut this chapter and from here on out, it's all new words. I've "toyed" with my cavalry squadron up to now. No more Mister Nice Author. Now it's time to really start getting mean with them. *starts sharpening knife on the wheel*

If you're familiar with older movies, I'm taking some of my inspiration from Sahara, Operation: Burma, Beau Geste, Northwest Passage, The Lost Patrol, and others like that. I like playing with the idea of the unit separated from other friendly units having to rely on its wits to complete its mission without coming apart at the seams.

And I'm still trying to bring this in at 85K. So, cutting 6,000+ words out of the initial draft (so far) is a good thing.

And now, back to plotting.

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