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Some days are more productive than others

I am making progress.

I swear I am.

Just some days, I can get into the chapter and just burn through it, slashing out unnecessary words, adding in a bit more explanation, convert excess jargon into English, rethink commands and plans.

Other days, not so much.

This was one of the others. I'm in the middle of the new Chapter Ten (mashing two chapters together to make a better fit than the first draft) and it's like every paragraph wants to ensure I read it two or three times to be sure I'm getting it right. I've changed things around, hit the undo edit button and tried again. I only plowed through five pages tonight, which doesn't sound like a bunch, but I think they're a pretty good five pages now. Maybe not perfect, but I'm at the point where I want to get moving toward new words. I can move from pretty good to pretty damn good next pass through the book.

At least lunch was good today. One of the guys at the office offered to make a run to Pasta Plus in Laurel. It looks like a hole-in-the-wall restaurant from the outside, and it's like a five-star Italian place inside (crystal glasses, fine china, waiters in suits, the whole nine yards). They don't deliver, but they do carry out and we took full advantage of it.

I ordered a Hot and Spicy Sausage entree. Well, it would have been big enough in and of itself, but then they gave me an order of pasta and sauce that was probably 4"x4"x2" and a side salad big enough to fill a Chinet plate an inch deep by itself. Holy cow! I split the meal in half and will be finishing it tomorrow. Not a bad deal for $10.

(I'm still trying to figure out how that much salad could be considered a side salad . . . )

I think I may mail Steel on Target to myself and work on it at lunch tomorrow. Try to make up for my lack of focus/motivation/whatever tonight.

I'm going to be dreaming of pasta tonight.

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