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Survival of the Fittest (?)

Had kendo practice this evening. One of these days, my mind and my body are going to come to an agreement. I thought I'd put on the bogu (armor for the non-kendoka in the audience) and just do some slow drills, just to get the feel of it. I mean, I did practice last week in the body armor and the waist armor. How much more difficult could it be wearing the gloves and helmet.

Apparently quite a bit.

My friend Chris noted I was going at a pretty good clip when I was doing the drills in the beginner class. After a few minutes, my body started noticing it too. Trouble is, my mind still thinks that I'm in the same shape I was when I went to Great Britain to watch the World Kendo Championships back in 2003 when I was practicing two-three times a week. (Yep, fly to Scotland to watch Japanese fencing). The two weeks I was there, I did seven training sessions and was still in good enough shape to go do beer-do immediately afterward with the local clubs.

After a bit of going through the drills faster than I should have, I noticed air was becoming a precious commodity. I had to drop out of a couple of rotations and pull the men (helmet) off. That helped a bit and I finished the beginner session in gloves. Chris and Phil kept reminding me to "take it slower" and eventually fatigue and their reminding got me to slow my pace down.

I was planning on setting out the advanced class, but my friend Don (who I went to Great Britain with) showed up to lead the class. Don is a 4th Dan (I'm a 1st Dan), so he suggested I might want to come out and join them without my armor on. When Don suggests something, I've found it's usually a good idea to cooperate. *grin*

So, I did a number of the drills with the advanced class (just slower than they did). I frightened one poor lady. When I was doing kendo full time, I used to help train the new players. One of the drills was for them to try and hit my head. I would use the shinai to block the shot just short of my noggin. Since I didn't have my armor on tonight, I offered to let her take the practice shots on me and she was so frightened she was going to clobber me. I tried to convince her that a) I have a high self-protection instinct and b) I can get out of her way, but I'm not sure she got much out of our sessions. The other Kendoka had no problems trying to split my melon.

I couldn't finish all the drills (wind gave out eventually) but all in all, it was a very satisfying session and my legs are nowhere as wobbly as they were last week. That I'll take as a good sign.

I did post an edited version of my rant about new publishers at the Writer Beware Blog. Says pretty much the same thing, but I added a few things and subtracted a few. Hopefully, some people will take it to heart. I mean, no one wants someone to fail . . . well, unless they're Publish America with their latest scheme (Buy your own books and we'll donate money for Haiti - $1 for every book you buy). See P.N. Elrod's dissection of this abysmally bad idea which sums up my feelings pretty well.

I'll get back to writing tomorrow night. I hope to have the re-written sections done by Friday so I can start adding in new words this weekend. *fingers crossed*
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