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All Quiet on the Western Front

After the past few days, it was nice to spend an evening just concentrating on my writing and listening to my iTunes. Finished rewriting Chapter Six of Steel on Target. You would think you could rewrite 12 pages in less than two hours, but I'm trying to be very methodical with the rewrite. Considering the number of personalities, organizations and equipment I have in the book, I'd be lost without my spreadsheets.

I have the entire Third Squadron/7th ACR broken out on my spreadsheet and have associated every piece of equipment with their proper callsign, which troop they're assigned to and every time I actually call someone by name, I make sure to enter it on the spreadsheet so I don't have to flip back through six chapters to remember who the driver is of what vehicle. (I'm hoping if this gets picked up, the copy editor appreciates all this damn bookkeeping I'm doing now.)

Luckily, I OJT'd as an Order of Battle Analyst when I was in the military, so this kind of thing is pretty much second nature to me. If this gets picked up for publication, I'll be able to post a bunch of stuff that doesn't make it into the book on the soon-to-be revised web site. Just a little Easter Egg for the military geeks out there who might appreciate it.

Looks like five more chapters to rewrite and then I can start pushing forward again. Didn't lower the word count appreciably tonight, but there were a few scenes added into this chapter that weren't originally there.

And with that, I might try to get to bed before 0130 unlike the past two weeks.

And I might be far enough along to get to play some Dragon Age: Origins or Guild Wars this weekend. Whoo hoo!

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