June 16th, 2015


Now, this is more like it

Writing (and other stuff) was accomplished tonight.

Practical writing first – finished the first drafts of the dedication, the acknowledgement, and the back cover material for Terra Incognito. Yes, even dedications and acknowledgements get drafts because everything needs to be edited at least once.

Fun writing – added another thousand words to a story I hope to pitch to a new publisher later this summer. It’s one of those things I pick at from time to time to recharge the batteries. It’s coming together rather well. Hopefully the publisher will think so too.

Under other stuff, I had a good conversation with Delfin Barral, who’s going to be designing the new Nightwolf Graphics logo and a logo for the For a Few Gold Pieces More collection. We kicked around some ideas and I think we’re on the same sheet of music, so we’ll see how things go.

(Besides, Del used to work for WaRP Graphics. I think he knows a thing or two about drawing wolves. *grin*)

However, the evening was topped off by an email I received. An anthology about a property I really am passionate about approved my pitch for a short story. *inserts fireworks here* I’ve really wanted to do something with this property for a long time and hopefully, this will be the first of many opportunities to do that.

So, it appears going to Origins Game Fair may have just paid off.

Of course, now I have to actually write the story. Yeah, I know, there’s always a catch.

Still, even with my own projects looming on the horizon, I’m really pumped about this. More information as soon as I’m allowed to say more about this.

So, I count this day as pretty win/win.

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