March 24th, 2015

Running Around

Miscellaneous Writing Tasks

Been a busy last few days. I’m one of the judges for the Scribes Award for the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers and we’ve been busy reading and discussing this year’s entries for “Original Novel”.

It’s been a lot of fun – there are some fantastic authors out there. Not every author necessarily writes in a style that’s my favorite and not every show/license is necessarily my cup of tea, but that’s part of my job to set those aside and try to judge whether or not they really captured the flavor of the franchise (as well as how well they wrote those particular entries).

Also, I’m busy going through and rewriting/practicing/cleaning up my PowerPoint presentations for the Write Stuff Writers Conference this weekend, hosted by the Greater Lehigh Valley Writer’s Group. I’m doing two talks this weekend. Friday at 7pm I’m going to be talking about Writer Beware and Saturday at 11, I’m speaking on the “Craft of Writing Historical Fiction”

Given my current work on “Strikeforce Falcon” and the research I did for the “Original Black Cat” story I have coming out soon, I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on that talk. *grin*

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