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Getting back into the swing of things

Went and saw Up today in the theater. Damn good movie. I thought the quiet montage at the first was a very touching part that they didn't underplay or overplay. Nice amount of silliness and seriousness in the movie and I think Ed Asner had a ball doing the part. The short before the movie was cool too. Had never thought about the stork that had to deliver porcupine babies before. *grin*

Did a little shopping and picked up some music from a couple of groups that had been recommended to me by friends. Of course, FYE's scanners were down so I couldn't listen for myself, but they were used discs so I figure it's worth a chance. I'll listen to them tomorrow at work and hopefully I'll think my friends have wonderful tastes in music.

Did get some work done on Childhood's Tears tonight. Finished the re-write to Chapter 4. I added almost 2000 new words in the process and am now well on my way to finishing Chapter 5. I may be re-doing a chunk of this chapter too. I'm going to read it again tomorrow and make a decision then.

All right, computer is showing low battery, so I'm going to go to bed now.

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