February 26th, 2010

Great Day!

Pleasantly Surprised

Had several nice things happen yesterday.

It looks like I'm going to be leaving my current contract to move to a new assignment here at work. While the contract is relatively new, the position is one I've been hoping to get since I started working for this company back in 1999. I'll be getting out of the tech writing realm and back into doing analytical work, which excites me to no end. I loved being an analyst back in the Army and I think this new assignment definitely plays to my strenghts. Sure, I'll still be doing some writing for the new position and they seemed very interested in the fact that I've been doing editing, so I suspect I may be doing some QC work on the side, but all in all, this may be a very welcome change.

Not quite sure when I'm going to move. They're still working all that out at management level, but I doubt they're going to keep me on the current assignment more than a pay period once they approve everything.

(Looks around office . . . yep, time to start packing again.)

When I arrived home, I found a package in the mail. mouseferatu had sent me a copy of his novel, The Conquerer's Shadow. It was a very pleasant surprise and something I plan to enjoy reading. I'll be posting something about it once I finish the book. However, if you want more info on the book now, head over to Ari's blog and check it out. Or better yet, go buy a copy and just read it for yourself.

So, after receiving this and reading on my twitter feed about a couple of my acquaintances getting picked up by agents this week, I decided to get moving on my own work. I added 1017 words to Steel on Target tonight, moving me about 1/3 of the way through Chapter 16. I hope to wrap up 16 and 17 over the weekend, setting the stage for the big climactic battles coming up. (rubs hands together in an homage to Mr. Burns . . . "Exxxxxxcellent.")

But now, back to work.

Words for Today

1017 / 1000 words. 102%

Progress on Steel on Target

57471 / 85000 words. 68%

Words for 2010

15170 / 250000 words. 6%

Take one Victorian and add leather and electricity

Scarily, I have to admit, if I was to do a Steampunk costume, this isn't that far off.

Snurtched from stargatedragon

Your result for The Steampunk Style Test...

The Explorer

14% Elegant, 34% Technological, 50% Historical, 88% Adventurous and 20% Playful!

You are the Explorer, the embodiment of steampunk’s adventuring spirit. For you, clothing should be rugged and reliable, and just as functional as it is attractive. You probably prefer khaki or leather, and your accessories are as likely to include weapons as technological gizmos. You probably wear boots and gloves, and maybe a pith helmet. Most of what you wear is functional, and if you happen to wear goggles people had better believe that you use them. In addition to Victorian exploration gear, your outfit probably includes little knickknacks from your various travels. Above all, you are a charming blend of rugged Victorian daring and exotic curiosity.

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