February 14th, 2009


Con etiquette doesn't stop at the front doors

Open message to convention attendees:

When dining in a local restaurant, do not regale the other diners of the sexual innuendos you used when you were talking the guest of honor . . . even if you are a Browncoat. You also do not need to describe the following, con funk, toilet mishaps or smashing open smurf dolls lined with blood bags at the table either.

Remember, there's a fine line between "freaking the mundanes" and being an obnoxious asshole.

The Browncoats who left Farpoint and descended on the sushi restaurant in my home town managed to ruin not only my family's time there, but several other tables worth of guests, to judge from the looks on the diners' faces.

Behavior like that is one reason why attending cons is less and less fun. I don't need it following me to my front door.


Aggravated person.