December 24th, 2006


Christmas, christmas time is here . . .

Finished all the Christmas shopping. Now they tell me I'm supposed to wrap all this stuff. Bah, humbug. Oh, all right, I'll do it. However, you'd think that after all these years, I'd be better at it than I am. I've watched wishweaver wrap presents for the daughter-unit and our friends and it seems so effortless, and then when I do it, I have tape going one way, bows the other and the damn paper never quite seems to meet on the ends properly. *sigh*

But, you know, even if we didn't have a single present to exchange, it still would have been a pretty good year. We're all healthy, we've got good jobs (even if we do get annoyed from time to time), we've got a nice house and best of all, we've got friends and family to spend time with and visit with on the phone for Christmas.

Personally, those are the best gifts of all.

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!
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Arisia 07 Schedule

I just received my schedule from Arisia a little while ago after braving the grocery store "one last time" before Christmas.

I understand they had to cut back on their programming because of the smaller hotel, but I've only got three panels (1 Friday, 1 Saturday, 1 Sunday). No mention of a reading or a signing which I had requested, although that might be coming later. NO mention of the "Collecting Anime Cels" kaffeklatch that I was REALLY hoping to do this year based on the very good feedback I'd gotten from the last times I'd done it at Lunacon and Archon.

Sigh. I think this is THE lightest schedule I've ever had at a SF/F convention where I didn't have a table in Artist's Alley. Now, the advantage is, I can go and see some good panels or visit the dealer room without having to keep an eye on the time to be sure I'm not late for my next panel. But, after doing 6 panels at Dragon*Con AND working Artist's Alley and doing 11 events (panels and signings) at Archon, 3 almost feels like I'm sleepwalking through the con.

Although, they admit, things may change as we get closer to the convention.

My Arisia Schedule:

Date Time Title of Panel Other Participants
Friday 9:00 pm Anime in a Nutshell John C. Watson(mod), Bill, Mario, Tee Morris, Jennifer
Saturday 11:00 am Playing in Someone Else's Sandbox Jeanne Cavelos, Terri, Scott E. Green, James D. Macdonald
Sunday 1:00 pm Can Media Tie-ins Bring Back Reading? Cindy Shettle a.k.a. Sky Elf, Terri, Ken Gale

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that the Terri I'm sharing two panels with is our own terri_osborne. I'm glad to see Tee Morris and I got the Anime panel together and I'm looking forward to finally meeting "Uncle Jim" Macdonald. A number of the participants don't list a last name, so I'm not able to see what or if they've published before and the two Media tie-in panels don't list a moderator at the moment, so we'll see what happens there. (Frightening visions of Balticon dance before my eyes.)