November 14th, 2006

Writing 3

I'm writing, I'm really writing . . .

. . . just probably about stuff you're not interested in reading.

Since September, I've written 4 research papers, two position papers, 27 critical responses to short stories, 3 letters for my short story class (re: the Tolstoy rejection letter for one), and read 19 essays on ethics.

Additionally, I've written seven tie-in story proposals, received rejections for five of them (sigh) and sent out a synopsis and a partial of Harbinger to an agent. I'm still waiting to hear back on a possible Corps of Engineers story that was accepted by the editor back in October, 2005, to see if and when it will be slotted.

Upcoming, I have a 8-10 page research paper, two short stories (one about 1200 words and the other between 2-3000 words) and a paper on how to write essays for one of my professors for honors credit by 11 December.

So, no, I haven't been writing on new fiction lately, but it's more from a lack of hours in the day than from lack of interest. As soon as I get this last splurge of writing out of my way this semester, I'm going to devote some time to getting my earlier projects (Shattered Mirror, Chronicles of the Sea Dragon, Troubleshooters Incorporated and Rouge and Noir) back out from under wraps and see which one will be competing with Shattered Mirror (since I'm co-writing that one with April, it gets some priority) for my writing time.

So, don't take a lack of blog activity to mean a lack of writing activity. It's just not really bloggable activity.

As I said before, it's just an opportunity to stretch writing muscles I might not have otherwise.

It's all a matter of timing

An incident happened today I think deserves its own entry.

I was heading to the drug store in the government building where I work as a (insert insult of choice) government contractor. The hallway leading to the store is under construction and has been for a while. As I reached the area where the latest construction is taking place, there was a loud crash right behind me. I took one more step and turned around to see a guy pushing some debris off to the side.

Apparently, a section of ceiling tile and the metal supports that held it above my head (about 15' ceilings here) had let go just a split second after I walked beneath it. The guy said it hadn't missed me by more than two feet. If I had been five seconds slower reaching that spot, it likely would have clocked me pretty good.

The ironic part? I was going to the drug store to get aspirin for a headache.

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